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Often, businesses get labeled as high-risk because of the products they sell or the industry they operate in. Unfortunately, this means that legitimate companies get shortchanged simply because they’re on the wrong side of public opinion.

Because of this bias, most high-risk companies struggle to find an effective, affordable payment processor. And the fact that many of these companies are just getting started doesn’t make things easier. As an entrepreneur or business owner in a high-risk industry, you probably don’t have access to the payment processing solutions you need. But we can help. We offer affordable processing solutions to high-risk businesses in the categories below.

If you don’t see your business on the list, feel free to contact us anyway, as this is just a sample.

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Why do processors take advantage of high-risk merchants

Many processing providers take advantage of high-risk businesses because they believe these companies have no other choice. Providers will charge exorbitantly high rates and unnecessary fees, knowing high-risk merchants will pay them because they’re desperate to secure a processing solution.

But it’s simply not true that high-risk merchants have no other options, and it’s unfair to charge high rates just because the merchant will pay them. At Mid Man Processing, you’ll never have to deal with ridiculous fees or manipulative partnerships.

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A Better Way

Instead of exploiting our clients, we support them. Instead of forcing them to pay high fees, we offer the lowest rates available. As an experienced merchant processing company, we use our unique relationships and expertise to help businesses succeed.

That means cutting costs wherever we can. For example, instead of setting up offshore accounts, we use domestic processing. This gives you more control over your account and faster access to your profits, and it reduces the cost of your account significantly. It’s just one of the tactics we use to provide service that’s both professional and affordable.

We also act as consultants, answering any questions and resolving any problems our clients may have. We’ll help you choose the best pricing plans and payment solutions, because we know that while you’re an expert in your industry, you’re not an expert in merchant processing.

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If you own or run a high-risk business, we would love to help you find the best processing solution. Our friendly, supportive team is always happy to talk.

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