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We Provide Payment Processing for High-risk Businesses

At Midman Processing, we specialize in providing cashless payment solutions to businesses in high-risk industries, including debt consolidation, hemp / CBD, adult toys, payday / short-term loans, collections, and more! Now you can provide your customers the option to make cashless payments by credit / debit card, eCheck or electronic bank transfers!


Your Partner in Payment Processing

As a merchant, your goal is to provide exemplary service and increase customers. But high volumes, long wait times, and cashless customers can make doing business a real challenge.

A merchant processing company can deliver cashless solutions that eliminate wait times and allow you to serve more customers. But as a high-risk merchant, you probably can’t find a traditional processor that will partner with you, or at least, not one you can afford.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

We provide cashless ATM, eCheck, and ACH processing services for high-risk and hard-to-place clients. Our longstanding relationships with banks and processors help us match high-risk merchants with highly secure merchant accounts—all at a rate those merchants can afford.

Our solutions are 100% successful, which is why some of the largest high-risk merchants in the nation trust us to handle their payments. When you partner with us, we provide more than simply a payment solution—we offer professional support and service for the life of your account.


The Easiest Way to Pay

We make payment easy and low-Cost, with three alternative options for you and your customers.

Cashless ATM

Our ATMs accept debit and credit cards without subjecting you or your customers to high processing fees. Skip the hidden fees and long waits - your ATM will arrive promptly after a 24-hour approval period - in favor of convenient, wireless transactions.

ACH Processing

ACH processing allows customers to transfer funds from their bank account to yours. We offer a simple application process with a no-contract ACH program so you can opt out at any time. Once approve, we'll walk you through the process and provide a dedicated service team member to assist with all your needs.


Our eCheck application process is seamless, and we let you know about fees and rates upfront so you're never caught off-guard. Once you're approved, we'll provide a dedicated service team member to answer questions and help manage your account.

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The Go-To Processing Provider for High-Risk Businesses

Most payment processing companies won't accept high-risk clients. Whether it's due to stigma, reputational risk, or a lack of regulations, they see certain businesses as too risky to support.

Even industries like tech support or business seminars sometimes struggle to obtain a payment processor. your company may be 100% reputable, but scary stories of fake tech servicers and seminar attendees who demanded their money back have scared off a lot of payment processors.

Never fear. We partner regularly with high-risk and hard-to-place clients in the following industries:

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Discover why some of the highest volume retailers in the country trust us to handle their payment processing. We offer: